How to Join

Welcome to the  "How to Join" section of the Naples  Flying Club website.  Naples Flying Club is a non-for-profit corporation  that is a member owned equity club.  Club  by-laws limit the club to 36 members and memberships are bought and sold between  selling members and buying applicants. 

The following documents are available for your  review:

Club ByLaws

Club Rules and Regulations


To apply for membership, please contact the club secretary,  Al Russo at 239-233-3700 for the proper forms or click  here to proceed to the application webpage.  NOTE:  For the initial applications only, you MUST submit at least an FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate.  An  application fee  of $25  is required to process your application and once the application is received, the application review process takes up to 30 days to complete.  After  approval of your application, membership does not become final until purchase of  a membership position is made directly from a currently PAID UP member.  A  membership assignment form must be completed and furnished to the club  secretary.  The form is available on request from the club secretary and  can also serve as a bill of sale.  A membership position in the club must  be obtained within six (6) months of approval of your membership applications or  your application will be consider to have expired.  If you have any  questions, wish to see the aircraft or  would like to talk with the club secretary  please call Al Russo at  239-233-3700  or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Monthly Dues; $137.00

Hourly Rates:

    $137.00 - Cessna 172 - Tac Wet  rate @ $4.25 per gallon*

    $170.00- Cessna 182 - Tac Wet rate @ $4.25 per gallon*

*fuel surcharge will apply when KAPF charges more than $4.25 per gallon


To get an idea of aircraft availability, go to  If you are not auto-logged into the system, please login as "guest".  Your password will be "welcome2u".