N7260Q Fuel Oil Requirements


N7260Q is a 2001 182T Cessna that is white with maroon Cessna markings. It was purchased from a private owner in Phoenix, AZ.



Oil Requirements:


If you add oil, please make a note of it in the front of the log book. The 182 should be at 8 quarts: add if at 7 or below.   The 182 holds 9 quarts of oil.


Fueling Requirements implemented Feb 2009:


182 - Use the dip stick to note fuel quantity before and after each flight. Unless receiving a notice from a pilot concerning fuel requirements for the next flight, refuel N7260Q to 30 gallons in each tank (60 total) if it has less than 30 gallons (total)  at the conclusion of your flight. If it has 30 or more gallons, do not refuel. Mark the fuel quantity in the log book.

Rationale: At a minimum each plane would have three hours of fuel with these changes and we should save some fuel expense by not carrying as much excess fuel on most every flight. A heavier plane uses more fuel for most operations. It also makes it easier to plan for a possible four passenger load. Anyone wanting special fueling for their flight should leave instructions with the log book and contact the previous pilot. This is especially important when you want minimum fueling to carry a specific load.