Since its beginning in 1955, Naples Flying Club, Inc. has been dedicated to  making recreational flying safe, affordable, and fun in Southwest Florida.  Consequently, the Club owns two,  simple, easy to fly, easy to maintain, Cessna aircraft that have a great deal of  commonality.  Every member owns an undivided interest in the aircraft, and  because we are a not-for-profit entity our usage rates are favorable.   Reservations are handled through  an on-line scheduling service and aircraft can be kept overnight without a  punitive minimum daily rate.  Spreading costs over many members has its  advantages.  Our monthly dues cover all fixed costs and the hourly rental rates  (tachometer time, not hobbs) cover the variable costs.  You will find our members and volunteer  directors  to be friendly and professional.  Come on in and see for yourself.


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Director Meetings, KAPF Pilots Lounge, Every Second Wednesday of the Month at 4 PM